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What is a most fabulous feature of EEI? It can extract icons from any file! So, if you want to extract an icon from your contacts.doc, you don't need long time search for MS Word executable file, just point to contacts.doc and do extract, it will extract the icon of MS Word!

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This utility easily extract icons from executable files (*.exe, *.dll) and associated icons from any files.

If an executable file has more than one icon, it can extract all icons that are stored in a file. User may save icons as in current directory where a file is located, as in special defined for icons directory.

How to use

To extract icons from a file you need make 2 steps:

1. Choose a file by File|Open command.

2. Press Extract button (or use corresponding File|Extract command).

Then program will extract icons from this file. When extracting, program display currently extracting icon, name of the icon, and make a little report.

Information about path for extraction is in Options dialog.

Options dialog

  • Extract all icons from executable files

If it is checked, program will extract all icons are stored in an executable file. Otherwise it will extract just one (first) icon. Typically *.exe files have one icon, but *.dll files may be a storage for icons. So if you check this options you may extract all icons from DLLs.

  • Extract icons into

You may extract an icon into the same directory where a file is located, or you may make a separate directory for icons, for example, c:\graphics\icons\

Current configuration of the program is automatically stored in registry, you don't need to store it separately.

Name convention

If you extract icons from name.ext file, icon will have names:


If you are extracting from not executable file, it has just one icon, however program will create name0.ext file.

How to register

A trail period for the program is 21 days, then you should register it. The registration costs $12 US.

We use PayPro Global registration service. It is fast, secure and reliable method of registration for shareware programs. The registration may be performed by any method (bank transfer, check, phone call etc.) over secure web server.

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Good luck, enjoy our software!

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