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Abacre Antivirus
Abacre Antivirus

Increase your computer's security with new generation antivirus! Download it! (1.17 MB)

Works perfectly on Windows XP/2003/Vista.

Abacre Antivirus

5 stars at SoftforAll.com! 5 stars at Soft32.com!

Abacre Antivirus is new generation of antivirus software. The antivirus reliably protects Windows-based computers from internet viruses, worms and Trojans spreading via email and local networks, macro viruses and old executable viruses. It's strictly based on the five main principles:

  1. Reliability of healing viruses due to novice virus detection algorithms and regular updates;
  2. Stability of work;
  3. Fast scanning speed, because of intelligent and sophisticated algorithms with optimizations;
  4. It does not disturb: extremely low load of CPU; works in background; completely automatic and self-awareness; it disturbs a user when it's really needed;
  5. Reasonable price.

Our tests showed that even some well-known anti-virus software with automatic updates still miss in finding and healing some new viruses. That it's why we recommend you to use at least two antivirus programs on your computer. Abacre Antivirus is perfect addition to your security pack.

Download our powerful program and increase your security! (1.17 MB)

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What people are saying:
"Detected a virus Norton missed"
I downloaded this software today and ran it and it flagged the w32.gaobot.zx virus that Norton missed on a previous scan. This is after I updated the virus definitions through Norton LiveUpdate. This program is faster, stronger, and less burdensome on my PC than Norton. I'm not going to make a full switch over to this, but it's good to have around for a reliable, quick additional scan. Well done.

Comment from a user of download.com

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