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Audiofan MP3 to Wave Converter
Audiofan MP3 to Wave Converter

Convert MP3 files into WAV files for burning music on CD-R. Download it! (673 KB)

Audiofan MP3 to Wave Converter With Audiofan MP3 to Wave Converter you can easily convert MP3 files into WAV files before burning it on CD-R. It is very configurable and has an attractive WinZip style interface with Windows XP looking buttons. You can drag and drop not only MP3 files, but also M3U and PLS play list files, then convert them with the same structure of album catalog, eliminate corrupted files and see converted WAV files in a result list. After that you can even save the list of converted files into an XML or HTML file. The program also works with command line parameters that allow using it in batch processes to convert huge numbers of files. Highly recommended for all music fans and music studios.

Download our powerful program! (673 KB)

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