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Abacre Cash Register - Major Features
Abacre Cash Register

Achieve full control with this next generation cash register software!
Download full-featured 30-day trial version (7.11 MB)
Lite vs. Standard vs. Professional licenses feature matrix
Top 10 reasons to buy Abacre Cash Register

Really international software:

  • It supports various tax settings and currency formats. It can auto fill the tax settings common countries and states/provinces.
  • It's possible to easily translate the software into other languages by simple translation of language text file.

Works with all printers, cash drawers and poles (line displays) using 3 alternative methods:

  • OPOS drivers (OPOS drivers are supported by all major hardware producers: IBM, EPSON, SAMSUNG and Star Micronics and others).
  • Windows drivers.
  • Sending direct commands via COM ports

Enhanced security and anti-fraud protection:

  • Database files are encrypted with password.
  • Configuration files are encrypted.
  • Different jobs: admin, cashier, inventory clerk and purchasing manager with different access privileges.
  • Different visibility options, for example, show Remove Item button; only admins can remove item.

Enhanced User Interface:

  • Possibility to choose different color themes, gradient buttons and panels.
  • Full-featured virtual keyboard to work with touch screens.
  • 4 different kinds of views for menu items and categories: buttons, icons, list and details.
  • Customization of fonts and colors.

Advanced customer retention programs:

  • Client discounts.
  • Loyalty points programs.
  • Discounts based on client's turnover.
  • Gift cards.

End of Day and Z-Out:

  • Enter Begin Cash (with media count dialog).
  • Reconcile Cash Drawer operation. It's possible to count not only cash, but also checks and other media. It's also possible to reconcile cash drawer several times during a shift.
  • End of Day process with possibilities to backup data and export daily data to third-party inventory software.
  • Z-Out Cash Drawer and Z-Out Retail Close reports.


  • Worker's Clock In and Clock Out.
  • Different options, for example, automatically clock in/clock out on login/logoff.
  • Quick login using Employee Swipe Card or Employee Barcode Card.
  • Workers time report.


  • Weighted Average, LIFO and FIFO inventory calculation methods.
  • Composite items with subitems.
  • Physical inventory adjustment


  • Purchase orders.
  • Receive vouchers.
  • Return vouchers.


  • Double-entry transactions journal.
  • Multi-currency support.

Can work in network:

  • It's possible to define different network structures, for example, two computers for entering orders, one computer for cashier and one computer for manager.
  • Reconcile cash drawer command will close individually each cash drawer and End of Day process will close all reconciled workstations.

Actions on orders:

  • Print Bill (advanced bill customization, for example, show categories; number of printed copies of bill).
  • Take Payment (supports entering different payment methods at the same time for one order).
  • Real-time credit card processing.
  • Split order.
  • Delete order.
  • Refund order (it's possible with Refund item command).
  • Discounts (with possibility to select a discount from predefined list of discounts).
  • Assign Client (database of clients in also maintained with possibilities to search for client, see client's past orders).
  • Assign Delivery Address.
  • Assign item modifiers.

Additional order options:

  • Filter orders by status (open, closed, reconciled, and z-closed).
  • Filter orders by date.
  • Search for orders by client, cashier, workstation etc.

Actions on items:

  • Add item using various methods: by item's code or barcode, by selection from list of items, by automatic scanning using barcode reader (scanner).
  • Change price.
  • Refund.
  • Remove.

Options for items:

  • Supports serialized items (items with serial numbers).
  • Supports taxable and non-taxable items. Possibility to select individual taxes for each item.
  • Possibility to show Ask For Price dialog for desired items.
  • Item's picture/icon
  • Management of flagged items.

Email Sender to send emails to Clients, Vendors or Workers.

Comprehensive set of reports:


  • Sales by day
  • Sales by week
  • Sales by month
  • Sales by quarter
  • Sales by year
  • Sales by hour
  • Sales by day of week
  • Sales by categories
  • Sales by menu item
  • Sales by cashier
  • Sales by client
  • Sales by payment method


  • Collected sales tax


  • Z-Out Cash Drawer
  • Z-Out Retail Close


  • Journal
  • Discounts
  • Worker hours


  • Inventory On Hand by Items
  • Inventory On Hand by Inventory Categories
  • Inventory On Hand by Item Categories

Profit Margin

  • Profit Margin by Items
  • Profit Margin by Item Categories

Download full-featured 30-day trial version (7.11 MB)
Lite vs. Standard vs. Professional licenses feature matrix
Top 10 reasons to buy Abacre Cash Register

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"For years we used one MS DOS restaurant POS system until we finally found a good Windows-based replacement: Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale. I compared it with many other programs and I stopped on ARPOS, because it's well-done and well-priced. So we bought touch screen monitors, new computers and ARPOS. The change from the old MS DOS system into new Windows-based system was dramatic: in ARPOS we use images for menu items for faster navigation, reports are amazing and the program itself is quite configurable and handy. Since that time I am a definitive fan of ARPOS and I recommend it to my business friends."

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