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Lite vs. Standard vs. Professional licenses feature matrix

FeatureLite licenseStandard licenseProfessional license
Runs on all Windows PlatformsYesYesYes
Compatible with all hardwareYesYesYes
100% Touch Screen entryYesYesYes
Multilingual User InterfaceYesYesYes
30 days free trialYesYesYes
Free email supportYesYesYes
Z-Out/End of DayYesYesYes
Cash register functionalityYesYesYes
Modifiers for ItemsYesYesYes
Refund ItemYesYesYes
Split OrderYesYes
Security roles for workersYesYes
Automatic backupYesYes
Export Report Data to Excel/Word/PDF/HTMLYesYes
Import of DataYesYes
Double-entry accountingYesYes
Accounting with multi-currency supportYes
Clients ManagementYes
Login using Employee Barcode and Swipe CardsYes
Credit card processingYes

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What people are saying:
"For years we used one MS DOS restaurant POS system until we finally found a good Windows-based replacement: Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale. I compared it with many other programs and I stopped on ARPOS, because it's well-done and well-priced. So we bought touch screen monitors, new computers and ARPOS. The change from the old MS DOS system into new Windows-based system was dramatic: in ARPOS we use images for menu items for faster navigation, reports are amazing and the program itself is quite configurable and handy. Since that time I am a definitive fan of ARPOS and I recommend it to my business friends."

Bob Emerton
NY, USA Read more

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Yahoo! Inc.,

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