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Abacre Point of Sale has a classical doubly-entry accounting module with multi-currency support.

Accounting module is available in standard and professional licenses.
Mult-currency support is available in professional license.

Watch the following 6 minutes accounting module overview on YouTube.

And watch this video about using multiple currencies.

Access to accounting module is controlled by "Show Accounting menu" security option which is located on menu Configuration - Security Roles.

Accounting module consists of the following windows:

  • Transaction editor. This is the main windows to enter accounting transactions.
  • Accounts. This window is used to create and maintain a chart of accounts. Unlimited number of sub-accounts is possible.
  • Currencies. It's used to create currencies. Even if you don't use multi-currency accounting you steel need to create at least one currency. It will be your home currency.

Accounting module has the following reports:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss

These reports are located on Reports window - Accounting group of reports.

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