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5 stars at ZDNet's hotfiles.com! Advanced Find and Replace

AFR works on Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7/8/10 + Install/Uninstall  download itDownload it! (1.36 MB)

Amount of your documents grows everyday. It becomes most common when you just forget where you place your document, in which folder. Then you usually begin to search your files, sometimes it may take several minutes and you waste your expensive time.

With Advanced Find and Replace you are able to find your documents in seconds. You may specify normal Google's search queries to find the documents. For instance,

+"John Smith" resume -salary (Look at screenshot)

It searches all documents containing the phrase John Smith, not containing word salary, and possibly having word resume. Results are displayed in a nice and usual for Windows file list.

What else designer or programmer is usually doing? Of course, inserting new texts, replacing them by others and even removing. Sometimes you need to change entire paragraphs of text consisting of more than one line.

For instance, it could be a left column menu of your site. In few seconds with Advanced Find and Replace you may change design or colors of this menu for all site. (Look at screenshot). In the same manner your may insert you JavaScript right after <BODY> tag.

An alternative way is to use Styles or Server Side Includes (SSI) technique, but they are not fully and in the same way supported in all platforms and by all browsers.

Finally Advanced Find and Replace represents nice replacement of your standard Find application in Windows. It significantly saves you time, and therefore, you money in mining information from you local machine!


download itDownload our award-winning program! (1.36 MB)

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What people are saying:
"Advanced Find and Replace is an incredible web admin tool. Both me and my database admin guy use it all the time. It has saved us many hours of work when it comes to making numerous changes to many .asp pages on our internal intranet site. Thank you for a really super product."

Terry Babin
Web Administrator
xwave ICSC Moncton New Brunswick, Canada

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