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Registration instructions

After purchasing of Abacre Restaurant Server at our registration services you will receive a registration key by e-mail in the same business day.

Normally the reg key looks like:


(This is NOT an actual key, sorry)

Make the following actions:

1. Copy this paragraph of text from your mail to clipboard (Normally use Crtl-C)
2. Go to menu Help->Register
3. Use "Paste" button to paste reg key from clipboard.
4. Press "Register" button.
5. Small window will appear with congratulations of your registration. Press "OK" button.
6. Close and start again Abacre Restaurant Server.

When you will restart the program information about trial period will disappear and in About window you will see that Abacre Restaurant Server is registered for your name.

If it does not work, make sure that you correctly copied the key to clipboard and then pasted it.

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