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Using Abacre Point of Sale on tablet computers and phones

One of the most common questions is about using Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale with tablet computers or phones.

There are several possible solutions.

The main question is do you want to use it for just viewing reports or for taking orders?

If you need just to view reports from phone/tablet then you may use web reports function built-in to professional license of Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale.

But if you need a tablet for taking orders then there are two main solutions right now:
1. You may use a tablet computer running Windows and then install a classical Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale and configure it to work in network with main/server computer. In this case you need to buy additional license for each tablet computer. There are several models of tablets running Windows. One of the most common is Microsoft Surface Pro. But there are also many cheaper tablets running Windows from well-known manufacturers. Read more about this solution.

2. You may purchase our new product: Abacre Restaurant Server. You may consider it as your own restaurant's private cloud. So you buy just one license and then any number of tablets may connect to it. You don't need to purchase a license for each tablet. Even your clients may connect to it with their phones or tablets to view menu items and take orders directly in your restaurant! Thus any iPads and Androids tablets may be used with this solution.

In future we will may develop native applications for iOS and Android. But right now you may use mentioned above solutions to significantly speedup order taking process.

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