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Most common network problems

  1. Abacre Firebird Distribution is not installed at all. Download and install Abacre Firebird Distribution. It’s 100% automatic.
  2. Instead of Abacre Firebird Distribution you installed official Firebird distribution.
  3. You are using Windows folder sharing and paths to database like: \\ComputerName\folder\arpos.fdb Note: you should not use this approach because Firebird is using a classical client-server architecture. Just use C:\folder\arpos.fdb On window Login press More button. Verify that you are using Remote connection method on all computers.
  4. Local connection method is used on server computer where Abacre Firebird Distribution is installed. Note: even if file is located locally on your server computer you still need to use Remote connection method, because database file is used exclusively when using Local connection method. So other computers in network could use access to database if you are using Local connection method on server’s computer. Thus connection settings on all computers including the server computer must be the same: Remote connection method, the same server name and the same path to database like C:\Folder\arpos.fdb.
  5. Although it’s not needed in Windows several customer reported that it started to work when they restarted Windows.
  6. Port 3060 is blocked by Firewalls. Verify that port 3060 is open for incoming TCP/IP connections on server computer (where Abacre Firebird Distribution is installed). Add exception for Windows Firewall to open this port. You may need to restart Windows. This port is used for connections to Firebird server. Read more how to do it.
  7. On each computer press Start button. Go to Computer. Go to Network. You should see all computers in network (including your server computer). If you see none of the computers - Windows will suggest to enable Network Discovery Service - enable this service. Also verify that all computers are in the same Workgroup (with the same name).

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