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Announcing new service for Abacre Point of Sale line of product: usernames and passwords recovery

We are receiving numerous requests about forgotten usernames and passwords. Usually we ask our clients to send us their database files and then we recover it and send the usernames and passwords back to the customers by email.

Some of our customers suggested to implement a "super user" account. Thus it could be possible to login to the program anyway. But this solutions has its own drawbacks.

Today we implemented new web service. Customers may send their databases on our support site: https://www.abacre.com/support/ and the service will automatically recover their forgotten usernames and passwords. This solution is more secure.

The web service is located on License page of our support site.

  1. Login to our support site with your Abacre ID and password.
  2. Then click on your license.
  3. At the bottom of the license page go to See Also part.
  4. Then click on "Lookup of foggoten usernames and passwords in database file" link.
  5. Then submit your database by pressing Send button.
  6. It will display all usernames and passwords with admins rights.