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How to use Abacre Point of Sale on Linux?

Our point of sale line of products works on Linux using Wine tool. The application works quickly without any major issues. We tested it on latest versions of Ubuntu and Debian.

How to setup Wine and Abacre POS?

You need to setup Wine:
$apt-get install wine

Then download, for example, Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale from our web site.
Extract all files into temp folder.
Open terminal and go to this folder.
Run wine to install Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale:

$wine setup.exe

It will install Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale.
You may run it just after installation.

Then on desktop it will create two set of shortcuts: one is without Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale's icon. it has .lnk file's extension.
you may remove this shortcut.
And one shortcut with displayed Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale's icon.
In future you may run it by just double-clicking on this shortcut (just like in Windows). Thus you don't need to call any command line command and so on. Just double-click on Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale's icon on desktop and that's all.

Installation from terminal application

If you prefer terminal command here is the list of full actions you need to do:
Open terminal program as root user. then do:
$apt-get update
$apt-get upgrade
$apt-get install wine

Then exit terminal as root user and open terminal as ordinal user.
Execute the commands:
$mkdir arpossetup
$cd arpossetup
$wget www.abacre.com/download/arpos.zip
$unzip arpos.zip (note: unzip program must be installed from apt).
$wine setup.exe

Important notes about using printers
Printer driver must be installed in "Linux-way". It means you should go to go printer's manufacturer's file and follow to instructions how to use their printer on Linux. Thus you should not install Windows driver using:
$wine MyPrinter-Windows-driver.exe
But rather install it by downloading .deb file from printer's manufacturer's site.
After installation of the driver please check that it works fine from Linux program. for example, open any Notepad-like application and try to print on printer.
When you see that the printing works fine from native Linux programs then start Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale, go to menu Configuration - Bill Configuration - Printer.
Select Use Windows Driver.
Press Choose button to select a printer. The list of printers will be displayed. Then it's possible to verify printing the bills and invoices.
It should be working fine.