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How access server computer by IP address instead of computer name?

When using several computers in network accessing database located on server computer you may use computer name of the server computer in Server Name field of login window. For example, name of the server computer is SERVERNAME. But it's also possible to use IP address of the server computer.

Inside such LAN (local area network) each computer has own local IP address. In default settings of the router each computer has a dynamic local IP address. For example after router's boot IP address of the server (SERVERNAME) may be Next time you reboot the router the server may obtain IP address, for example, or Therefore the first step is to disable dynamic IP address allocation. It's done in the router's settings.

Usually in LAN the router's IP address is always ends with 1. For example, it may be or depending on your network configuration. Open your router's administration panel by navigating your browser to
Go to DHCP section of your router. There are two main choices:
A. Disable DHCP. Then assign to each computer a static IP address.
B. Do not disable DHCP but assign a static (fixed) local IP to the server computer SERVERNAME only. For example it will be In some router you there is a table where you may specify a fixed IP for given MAC (hardware address of computer).

Now on Login window press More button. Set Remote connection method and in Server Name field you may put instead of computer name: SERVERNAME.

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