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Clients Accounts

Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale allows taking payments into Clients' In-House Accounts.

Go to menu Configuration – Preferences – Clients.

Check Use Client Accounts if you want to use this feature.

On the same preferences page you may change Default Client's Account Limit. By default account's limit is set to 100. It means for each new client account's limit will be $100 (or whatever it means in your local currency).

Then on menu View – Clients you can change individual limit for each client.

Note 1: only admins can change this value.

Note 2: if you don't authorize payments into account for any particular clients then set 0 into Account Limit for such client.

On Take Payment window you will see Client's Account as a payment method.

Note: Client's Account as a payment method is available when client is assigned to an order.

Then on menu View – Clients you will also see Account tab with lists of movements on client's account. You can also make deposit on client account using corresponding button Deposit into Account.

Note: money put into clients accounts using Deposit into Account button will be shown in DEPOSITS INTO ACCOUNTS part of z-out reports. But these sums will be excluded from Sales by Day/Item/Category and other sales reports. Because these deposit sums are not sales. But all payments taken on Order page using Client's Account as a payment method will be shown on all sales reports.

Note: right now Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale automatically can control client's credit account limit. It means client cannot purchase using client's account more than specified sum (Account Limit). But in current version of software client can put any amount of money in advance. You should manually control this point if you don't want to take payments in advance into clients' accounts.

See video tutorial on YouTube demonstrating Clients' In-House Accounts.

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