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Caller ID

Abacre Point of Sale supports two types of caller id devices:

  • Industry leading Whozz Calling? from CallerID.com supporting multiple phone lines
  • Any Caller ID capable modem

The device type is specified on menu Configuration – Preferences – Hardware – Caller ID. Enabling caller id device is performed via setting option: Use Caller ID.

Therefore to enable caller id feature you need:

  1. Check Use Caller ID option
  2. Specify COM port of device
  3. Choose device type.
  4. Press OK on Preferences window.
  5. You need to close the program and start it again.

When a client is calling you will be able to see client's phone number and name.

It's possible to create new order for this client. Automatic lookup of client in client's database will be performed based on client's phone number. For new client pressing New Order button on caller id notification window will create new client. Last name of new client will be phone number. You will be able to set real name later on Clients windows.

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