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no items in configuration menu

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Hi all, sorry i am new in using Abacre, so might be a stupid question here.. please bear with me

In the instruction it says to add my hotel rooms in the inventory is to insert in Configuration - Items, but there are no Items in the configuration menu. Is Menu Items the same as Items? Because I tried to add my rooms but Im having trouble editing its amount, details etc.

Furthermore, is there any manuals or instructions for using Abacre, especially for beginners? Seems I am unable to find any.

Again, sorry if these are stupid questions, Im practically just beginning to use Abacre. Thank you


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Re: no items in configuration menu

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You should add rooms here:
Go to main menu - Hotel - Rooms.

The main menu Configuration - Menu Items - is just for items used in restaurant part of the program.

Take a look at hotel-related video tutorials on our YouTube channel: ... D9o-0XDpD-
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