Version 5.6 Notification Printers doest print

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Version 5.6 Notification Printers doest print

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There are three computers share the datebese of Abacre restaurant point of sale system, and also there are three kitchen printers shareed each other. Did test in the windows systems and using star print to test all three kitchen printers, self testing are perfect working. however in the notification printers, I tried to set each of them, none of the three kitchen printers will work. the codes before printers selected do they mean anything or just randomly selected, because there is no way to edit the numbers. The kitchen has three printers one is food, one is drink and last one is desert. The Abacre restaurant point of sale used to separate them to each printer, but now, none of them will print. Please advise.

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Re: Version 5.6 Notification Printers doest print

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We don't support old versions of software. The latest version is 10.2.

After you setup the notification printers on
menu Configuration - Notification printers

The important is that each printer must be shared using
Windows sharing. Then after sharing the printers name will be:

In this format you should put printer name into the field:
Logical Device Name
located on Notification Printers window.
(Then press Save button to save it).

then you should go to menu Configuration - Menu Items categories
and assign notification printer to each category.
For example, for DRINKS category you assign printer of bar and so on.
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Re: Version 5.6 Notification Printers doest print

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There is simplest way......... just configure one computer 1st and print notification to kitchen printer.......Hope you have already setup kitchen printer with correct IP address. if test is ok...........then remember the name of printer....
Now go to the second client computer and change the printer name same as were setup in 1st client computer..........and so on for the rest of the client computer...............hopfully your issue will be resolved.

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