Print notification to kitchen after closing order

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Print notification to kitchen after closing order

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Is it possible to print notification to kitchen printer automatically after closing the order? this is a fastfood so we close the order imeediatly after receiving the order and need to notify to kitchen printer at the time order is closed, preferably without using the "print notification" button.

is this possible?

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Re: Print notification to kitchen after closing order

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Yes. It's possible there are several days to do it.
One of the easiest (probably the best match) is to check Print Notification before Close Order option.
This option is located on menu Configuration - Preferences - Order .

You may also "link" Print Notifications with Print Bill.
On the same tab there is the option: Print Notifications after Print Bill.
and you may "link" Print Bill with Close Order using one of the options:
Print Bill before Close Order
Pritn Bill after Close Order.

In this case you don't need to press Print Bill and Print Notifications because bills and notifications will be printed before or after closing order.
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Abacre Limited

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