Any way to copy the directory line when searching?

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Any way to copy the directory line when searching?

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When I do a search, and it places the file at the left and the long directory on the right, many times I want to copy the directory uRL vice just writing the down so I can visit that directory.. I can read the file with right click and edit.. but I need to copy the directory line… like right click and copy but that does not work.. and not mandatory but would be even better if some way to mark a file and get all the directoryies that file is in and put in the clipboard…
For example I find tons of listing_data_download.txt and its in 23 directories I want to be abel to click and put the directory in the clipboard.. and even better would be to mark the file name like listing_data_directory.txt and be able to copy all the directoyr line that the one file is located in.. but just clipboarding the one directory would be an improvement..

Tom Chambers

I put in a ticket on this also.

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