How to find files that end in " .php"

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How to find files that end in " .php"

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I tried this in the search box as I am sure its been asked many times but it says not enough info for me to search that. 'How to find files that end in " .php"'

So can anyone help... actually its .au3 ending that i am looking for from the autoit series... but I thought .php would be more likely subject..
but turn up no results... in my search i set files to find as *.au3 then in the search are i left it blank and then tried autoit and no results..
So for total clear understanding what i want is {any file that has the .au3 ending and those are autoit files..

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Re: How to find files that end in " .php"

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Could you send a sample .au3 file to and also send us your configuration - menu Action - Save configuration as. It will create a configuration file.
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